A-Z of Fundraising Ideas from Home | The Laura Centre

Wondering how you can support The Laura Centre safely from home? Leave it to us! We’ve come up with 26 fun challenges. Which one will you try!?

Auction | It’s time to explore the back of your cupboards! What antiques await? Auction some of your pre-loved goods to friends and family, or sell via Ebay, and donate the money to The Laura Centre.

Bingo Night | Knock at the door, twenty four! Host a virtual bingo night for your friends and family and charge a small entry free to play.

Cook-a-long | Gordon Ramsay, who!? It’s time to show off your signature dish! Invite friends and family to a virtual cook-a-long, and charge a small fee to take part. Remember to send the shopping list prior to the event!

Dance Class | Get that body moving and grooving! From tap to tango, put your dancing skills to use and host a virtual dance class for friends and family. You could even advertise the class through social media and charge followers a small fee to take part.

Endurance Challenge | Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it! How long can you sit in a bath full of beans? Or how many km can you run in a day? Test your endurance and pick up sponsors along the way!

Fancy Dress Party | Because who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up!? Got a Birthday coming up? Host a virtual fancy dress party, and ask your attendees to donate to The Laura Centre in place of a present. Make sure you offer a prize for the best dressed!

Games Night | Remember, it’s the taking part that counts! From Houseparty to Google Trends, throw a virtual games night for your friends! Host a small fee to take part and reward the winners with a money-can’t-buy prize!

Hand Art | Ready to get creative!? Put your craft to the test and create some hand-made art. You could sculpt, finger paint or hand print. Sell your masterpieces via Etsy or Depop, and donate the money to The Laura Centre.

Inspectors Investigation | Was it the Colonel or the Chef? Host a Murder Mystery night for your friends and family. As the investigator, you’ll point your guests in the direction of clues until they find the villain at large. Remember to charge a small entry fee!

Jewellery Making | Accessories to complete any outfit! Try your hand at jewellery making, and sell your designs to raise money for The Laura Centre. Start small with some beaded bracelets or jewelled earrings.

Karaoke Night | Yeah I wanna dance with somebody! Throw a virtual karaoke night powered by classics, and charge a small fee for your loved ones to take part.

Loose Change Challenge | It’s the coppers time to shine! Pull those sofa cushions out, check the pockets of your favourite coats and turn your bags upside down. Donate any loose change you find to The Laura Centre.

Marathon from Home | 26 miles and counting! Challenge yourself to run the length of the marathon! Set off from your back garden, the local park or even your living room, and collect sponsors from friends and family along the way.

Neighbourly Duties | A good neighbour is a welcome blessing! Ask your neighbour if you can cut their grass, collect their shopping or wash their car in return for donations to The Laura Centre. All socially distanced, of course!

Obstacle Course | A challenge awaits! Create your own obstacle course from home, and collect sponsors for completing it. You could walk the plank, run with an egg and spoon or crawl through a home-made tunnel.

Plant a Tree | Mother Nature will thank you later! Start a tree planting campaign and collect sponsors for every tree you plant.

Quiz Night | Is it Lockdown 1.0 again!? Host a virtual quiz for your loved ones and charge a small entry fee. You could make it themed or stick to general knowledge.

Raffle | One mans ‘trash’ is another mans treasure! Raffle off your pre-loved items to family and friends and call the prizes on video. It’s all in the surprise!

Sponsored Silence | Shh! We’re being quiet over here! Challenge yourself to a sponsored silence. Will you make it an hour, a day or even a week!? Set a fundraising budget for each milestone you make.

Tour de Living Room | Follow in the footsteps of The Laura Centre’s fundraising superstar, Emily Perkins, and cycle the length of the Tour de France on your exercise bike! Remember to collect sponsors along the way.

Upcycle | Give your pre-loved goods a lease of new life! Buff, paint and sand your old furniture – it’ll look new in no time! Sell for a profit and donate the money to The Laura Centre!

Variety Show | What’s your talent!? Unite the singers, dancers and comedians in your life for the ultimate virtual variety show! Advertise via social media, and charge a small entry free to watch. Who needs Britains Got Talent!?

World Record Attempt | Think you can beat the pros!? How many socks can you put on in 30 seconds? How long can you hold a note for? Get your friends and family to sponsor you for your very own world record attempt!

Xbox Tournament | Gamers at the ready! Stream your very own gaming tournament to collect funds. And if you haven’t got an Xbox, a Switch, PC or PS5 will do the trick!

Yes Day | How long can you go without saying no!? Challenge yourself to a whole 24 hours of saying yes! But we do warn you, you might find yourself doing some tasks you rather wouldn’t! Ask your loved ones to donate to The Laura Centre in return for a ‘yes’.

Zumbathon | Get ready to sweat! Host a Zumba party for your friends and family, and charge a small fee for tickets. Have fun with it! You could even pick a fancy dress theme.

Remember, you can also support The Laura Centre on any purchase you make through Amazon Smile, Easy Fundraising or Give As You Live! And better still, it’s at no extra cost for you.