How Can I Support The Laura Centre?

As we all know, it’s been a difficult year for charities. At The Laura Centre, we rely on your support to ensure that we can continue to provide our vital services: and we need your help. There’s plenty you can do to support us, from volunteering to donating or even by sharing our message. If you want to help, you’ve come to the right place!

Donate, donate, donate!

Your donations fund us! And there’s plenty of ways to donate; we’ll take you through a few.

Add a little extra to your online shop!

With Easy Fundraising, Give As You Live and Amazon Smile you can donate to us… for free! All you need to do is shop for your online goodies through one of the providers, who’ll then donate money to us on your behalf. With over 4000 stores combined, you’ll definitely find a treat or two.

Donate via Just Giving!

Using Just Giving, you can make a single donation, or set up a monthly contribution. The site recently decided to stop taking a commission from donations, which is great news for us! It means more of the money you donate finds its way to us.

Donate via PayPal!

Like Just Giving, you can make a single donation to The Laura Centre via PayPal. You can also set up a monthly plan! PayPal will even send you a confirmation email once we’ve received your donation.

Volunteer your services and skills!

We rely on your skills just as much as we rely on your monetary contributions! Volunteering allows you to support your community, all the while raising money for a charity at the heart of it. At The Laura Centre, you can help support, organise and run events. You can become an Ambassador: responsible for representing the charity at promotional events and presentations, or you can lend your skills in our office with administration support. Think we could use another skill of yours? Let us know!


Get your fundraising hat on!

Fundraising doesn’t just raise money for us, it also promotes our message and goals. It determines our future, and, quite honestly, our survival. The good news when it comes to fundraising? You can pretty much do it any which way you like! Want to run a marathon? Go for it! Bake sale more your thing? Fine! Prefer to complete a sponsored silence? Good with us! If you want to fundraise for The Laura Centre, get in touch and we’ll take you through the process.

Both Phil and Emily are currently fundraising for The Laura Centre. Phil in memory of his baby, Max, and Emily in memory of her student, Kian. To read Emily’s story or donate, click here. To read Phil’s story, or donate, click here.


Get your corporate hat on!

Is your company looking for a charity to support? We know just the organisation! And there’s a few ways to do so. Payroll Giving is perhaps the simplest, where a small donation is taken from salaries every month. Alternatively, you could choose us as your ‘Charity of the Year’, encouraging your employees and the broader company to donate. You could even hold specific ‘Employee Days’, like a dress down Friday, where every employee pays a pound to take part. This pot could later be donated to The Laura Centre!


Share our message!

Finally, you can share our message. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay up to date with our Blog, sharing and promoting our posts and news. Your share could encourage a follower to donate, or even reach out for support.


What will you choose to do to support The Laura Centre? Thank you for helping us get this far! We couldn’t do it without you.