How to have a Happy and Healthy Valentines Day | The Laura Centre

Valentines Day is fast approaching! But what can be a special day for some, can be a difficult day for others.

It’s the season of love! Valentines Day is almost here. And in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s looking *wildly* different to any Valentines we’ve experienced before. Some of us will celebrate with our partner, friends or family, and others won’t choose to celebrate at all. But for anyone experiencing grief, Valentines Day has the potential to be the most difficult day of the year.

At The Laura Centre, we understand the significance of Valentines Day, for all its blessings and its pain. So whether you’re celebrating with someone special, or taking the time to remember a loved one, take a look at our unique ideas for a happy and healthy Valentines.

Celebrate with Someone Special

Some fun ideas to help celebrate Valentines Day with your partner.

1. Candlelit Dinner

Don’t get us wrong, we love eating out. But a candlelit, home-cooked meal can be much more romantic than a trip to your local restaurant. You can wear what you like (pyjamas included), choose your own ingredients and share the moment alone. Whether you cook your partner their favourite meal, or attempt that recipe you’ve been meaning to try since Lockdown 1.0 (you know who you are), a candlelit dinner is sure to go down a treat. And if you’re short on ideas, check out BBC Good Food.

2. Virtual Dance Class

Look, we might not be the next Darcy Brussel, but we love a boogie. Dancing releases dopamine and serotonin, otherwise known as the happy endorphins! It’s the perfect activity for a special Valentines Day. And if you need to sharpen up on your moves, a virtual dance class could be just the thing. The Salsa, Rumba or Tango could put a spin on your romantic evening! And a quick Google search will point you in the direction of your nearest virtual instructor.

3. A ‘Holiday’ to Remember

It’s been a long old year. And we’re all missing our holidays. So let’s bring the holiday to us! Buckle up, we’re taking you on a romantic trip home! Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, and eat, drink and party as if you were there. And if you’re feeling extra-adventurous, try your hand at the language too. Need some inspiration? We’ve heard Paris, Venice and Mykonos are the cities of love.

*Away from your partner this Valentines? Schedule a Zoom call cook-a-long and have your date virtually. Or encourage your partner to take a virtual dance class with you. You’ll be pros in no time!

Celebrate with Friends or Family

Some fun ideas to help celebrate Valentines Day with friends or family.

1. Movie Marathon

It’s that time! Grab your friends and family, dim the lights and get the popcorn on standby. What would any occasion be without a movie marathon? And if, like us, you’re certain you’ve watched all Netflix has to offer, check out IMDB’s top rated movie guide. It’s packed with the best films of all time, not just the squishy rom-coms you’d expect to see on Valentines Day.

2. Spa from Home

So far this year’s been pretty stressful. And don’t get us started on 2020! We’re in need of some relaxation. And when the spas are shut what do we do? We spa from home. Stock up on your favourite face masks, light a candle or two and play some relaxing music. And if you can persuade a loved one to give you a massage, even better! Not so far off the real thing, eh? Planning in advance is key! So check out Glamour’s ‘How to Have a Spa Day at Home’ tips.

3. Scrapbook Frenzy

How do you store your memories? On a packed camera roll? Or in various drawers around the house? They’re all well and good, but scrapbooking is an even better way to reminisce! So collate your photos, tickets and stamps and get creative. It’s the perfect Valentines Day activity to share with friends and family. And it’s bound to bring up a memory or two! Remember that time you…?

*Away from your friends and family this Valentines? With Netflix Party, your movie marathon can still go ahead! Hop on a ‘spa break’ FaceTime with your best pal, or try your hand at Skype scrapbooking.

Remember a Loved One

Some mindful ideas when remembering loved ones this Valentines Day.

1. Self-care Session

When dealing with grief, it’s important to take care of your mental health. So this Valentines Day, put some time aside for self-care. And don’t feel guilty for it! Order your favourite food, run a warm bubble bath and immerse yourself in a good book or film. And if you’re feeling up to it, engage in meditation to ground your thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first. And we all deserve a little self-care from time to time.

2. Journal your Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts can be all-consuming, particularly when dealing with grief. But putting pen to paper and writing your feelings down can support your healing process. Journalling has been proven to hold therapeutic value. More than that, it can help you reminisce. This Valentines Day, try writing a letter to your loved one. What would you say? And if you’re not quite ready to do that yet, explore and describe your thoughts instead.

3. Let it Out

Let it all out. That’s all there is to it. If you need to scream – scream. If you need to cry – cry. If you need to reach out to friends or family, or an organisation like The Laura Centre, for support – reach out. Grief isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, and we deal with it in our own way. But it doesn’t mean we have to deal with it alone. If you need support this Valentines Day, all you need to do is ask.

Valentines Day can be difficult for many reasons. And in today’s society, it can be hard to avoid. It can remind of us of loved ones we’ve lost, and in a pandemic, it can remind of us those we’re apart from. But above all else, Valentines Day is about love. It’s a day to celebrate love, and share it. So, whatever your plans this Valentines, remember to share your love in your own special way.