The ‘Firsts’ of Losing a Loved One at Christmas

A message from Clay Frake, Child and Family Counsellor at The Laura Centre.

When a family loses a loved one, ‘firsts’ can be incredibly difficult. First birthdays, first anniversaries, and first milestones.

This Christmas, many families are facing their first without a loved one. Some families will have traditions which are special to them, whether that be decorating the tree with Mum, or helping Dad put out a drink for Santa. This year, these traditions may not happen in the same way.

At The Laura Centre, we’re supporting families this Christmas by helping them a find way to cope. We recognise that Christmas can be the best time of year for some, and the worst for others. It remains a special time for most young children who will still want to experience the magic of Christmas, despite their loss. But this can require huge amounts of enthusiasm from parents who may prefer to give Christmas a miss.

We know it’s helpful to hear that others have gone through similar experiences. In finding ways to cope, families have developed new traditions and found new ways to celebrate, all the while remembering the person they’ve lost.

This Christmas, remember the special times. And know, you’re never alone.