The Laura Centre; At Home Festive Celebrations!

Each Advent Sunday we bring clients and counsellors of The Laura Centre together for our annual festive bonanza… our ’At Home’ event.

‘At Home’ encourages our clients to put their creative talents to practice, by designing a Christmas decoration in memory of those they’ve lost. 

This year, holding our ‘At Home’ event proved more difficult than ever. COVID restrictions have meant we’ve had to keep visitors to our centre limited, throwing all hopes of a physical celebration out of the window. But we were certain our ‘At Home’ event would go ahead. We just had to find a way of doing it… cue imagination!

‘At Home’ has always been special to us. It’s an opportunity to create new memories and lasting friendships. We wanted to create a similar atmosphere to what would have been, and ensure the safety of our clients whilst doing so. 

Since March, our counsellors have been running virtual sessions. So, the team thought, could we hold ‘At Home’ virtually too!? And so the planning of our virtual ‘At Home’ ensued! 

First up was registration. How could we predict how many households were taking part? Next, creative packs! We wanted to ensure our clients had the craft materials necessary to create some fabulous decorations. So, we put a call in to Santa’s little helpers. Next thing you know, our craft packs are ready to send out! We created a hashtag on both Twitter and Facebook, and encouraged our clients to get involved by sharing their decorations. And then we got down to it! 

It’s safe to say we were going in to this blind: never before had we held a virtual event! But we knew we could rely on our clients to make the day as special as ever. 

We’re thrilled to share some of these decorations with you. Take a look!

Fabulously festive decorations from Ashley and family!

Brilliant baubles, cards and candle holders from Heather and family!

A terrific tree and cards from Kirsty and family!

Dazzling decorations from Lesley and family!

Captivating candle holders from Rivika and family!

A special thank you to all of our clients for taking part, and to our volunteers, staff and IT team for pulling the event together!